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Thread: THE LONG WAY HOME - Neil - May 09, 2011

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    Default THE LONG WAY HOME - Neil - May 09, 2011


    In mid-April the Ladyfisher and I made the long trip from our winter residence in Tucson, Arizona back to our home in Livingston, Montana. By road it?s approximately 1,300 miles which at my age takes 3? days. After 2 nights in motels with 4 cats and a canary it?s always a welcome sight to see that last exit on Interstate 90 that says Livingston.

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    This article touched a chord and a few heartsrings as well. I don't know of anyone who looks back on his/her life that doesn't experience some regret for the road not traveled. Hindsight is a wonderful but unforgiving thing. It sounds a lot like you followed the natural evolution of the way most people live their lives. Our perspective and priorities always change with our age and life experiences. One can only hope that in reviewing the choices made, that we made many more good ones than bad, and that we haven't left animosities, improprieties, and disputes unresolved. Hopefully we can reflect and say to ourselves, "I've done the important things. I've lead a good life." Then we can feel like we can truly go "Home" again.
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    Nicely done! Loved it!

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