Hi Deanna , I agree with you , I built a 12 x 14ft room in the back of my Garage just to house my deceased Mother in Law's stuff. Her 9 children cannot decide how to divide it up. Huge fights and divisions in the family have occured over this stuff. Some of it is quite valuable but a lot of it is just junk. Still we cannot get rid of it. She was one of my favorite people and would be devastated if she knew the strife this has caused the family. At a family meeting I agreed to store the stuff and am now stuck with it. That is the point where I started go through my own stuff and to toss out all my extra not needed stuff so this situation wouldn't happen with my own family. They won't sell it all and divide the money 9 ways and a solution is no where in sight. Its been over 15 years now with no solution, so folks take a tip from me. Don't let this happen to you toss that junk out!