anybody tried tying using circle hooks, i have a killer pattern i use under the lights for trout and redfish in south texas. the only drawback is the fish take it deep, i usually have to stick my finger done their throat to pop it out. my guess is that one out of ten fish is hooked deep enough that no matter how carefull i am , i am doing him some harm. the fish dont hit it hard, they just ease up on it, swallow it, then ease off . seems like it would be the ideal situation to try a circle hook. for those of you that have gotten this far, the pattern im using is what i call a clown colored clouser, chartrues over pink. seems to be very effective. with it being a clouser pattern im concerned that the barbell eyes may interfer with the circle hooks abitlity to slide up the throat and become lodged in the jaw,

any body with some thoughts or experience.