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Thread: Two material only swap.

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    Talking Two material only swap.

    This swap is a simple yet challenging swap. You can tie any fly you want but it uses only 2 materials, for example deer hair and floss or foam and legs. Thread does not count nor does the hook and head cement. Toe tags like always but if you can please add the pattern to the tag. This swap is open to 14 swappers. Deadline to Join the swap is the 20th of May. Flies need to arrive by the 10rd of June. all flies will ship out the 17th of June. if more people are interested in this swap i will run another in June unless its only one or two people extra.

    One way to make it easy for the swapmiester is to put the flies in the properly addressed return package (Don't seal it!!) and have the PO put the proper return postage on it and then put it in a properly addressed package to me and have them post it and then send it.

    Not Counted as Material: HOOK, Thread, Head Cement/Epoxy (Wire/Mono/Floss can be substituted for thread. and will not be counted as Material)

    Counts As Materials: Bead-heads, Lead wire, Foam, Floss, Ect.

    Toe tag flies with the name and recipe as will as your name. And be sure to Include return postage with your submission.

    My address in located in my profile under visitor messages. please recheck the address as i just fixed an error

    1. CharlaineC - SS Nymph Received
    2. Jack Hise - Al Campbell Caddis Fly Received
    3. Ron Eagle Elk - Bailley's Dun Spider Received
    4. Teachmarkey - bivisible
    5. Denny - Denny's Emerger. - Received
    6. Popperfly- Soft Hackle wet fly = Received
    7. Ibrb- Snip & Yellow Received
    8. TomS - Black Wing Orange Received
    9. Modocdan-Received
    10. Allan- Harry Darbee's "Hatch-Matcher" -Received
    11. Rick Z- nymph pattern Received
    12. ZugbugPete- Woodchuck-and-hackle caddis aka: aphio-igor - Received
    13. DonO- Australian possum soft hackle Received
    14. ______________
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