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    Default Swap of the Month MAY

    It's almost May so here is the swap "Style".
    For the "Oldtimers" here...Surprise I'm NOT doing my usual "Tiny" Swap, instead we will do a Varient swap.
    In this swap take your favorite fly and do a varient of it You must change at least 3 materials of the reciepe, and still maintain the essence of the fly.
    Here is mine.
    Original: Griffins Gnat

    Hookaiichi #1110 sz 20
    Thread: Griffihs 14/0 Olive
    Bodyeacock Herl

    Varient: GGOS(griffins gnat on steroids)

    Hook:Mustad#94833 sz14
    Thread:UTC70d Olive
    Bead: Gold Glass Iradescent
    Tail: Pheasant Tail Crinkled Zelon w/Rainbow Krystal Flash
    Bodyeacock Herl
    Hackle: Olive Grizzly
    As You sign up I will send You my address.
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