Dear Deanna;
I found your site by accident, while trying to learn about fly fishing online. When I was a teen, I tried my hand at the sport by reading everything I could, then buying inexpensive beginner's gear, and teaching myself. I actually caught trout along the Lewis River in SW Wash. But, I lost the desire for awhile and went into the military. Now, as a disabled vet, and retired, I'm looking to get back to it. I went out to several stores, and was totally lost in the maze of new technology, and prices that would give Donald Trump fits! I happened to ask a salesman of a fly fishing shop in Woodland WA, and he told me I would need to sink at least $250-300 for entry-level gear! Is that so? Or was he out to make a buck? I have nobody to advise me, so I would really appreciate any guidance you could give me.

Ridgefield, WA