i am typing this at work. my pc at home is having a crissis. i over clocked the memory the other day and i believe that i damaged a dimm in the process. will run for about 5 minutes then video lock up and the dreaded shut down. already checked the video card and it is fine. on board video does the same thing. rolled back all of the updates and drivers to a stable restore point. no luck. will remove all of the peripheals tonight but normally this is caused by bad video card (ruled out) or a bad ram chip.

well there is no shame for them as i got them when ddr2 first hit the scene. if it is the mother board north bridge i will switch to a new ddr3 board. hoping it is just a ramm module though.

so if you don't hear from me for a few days you will know what has happened. that should make a few happy for a while.