I took the Yamame out to Bacon Creek to see if I could catch anything under adverse conditions of wind, rain, cold & darkness. I used a strike indicator rig with a hare's ear & a black micro jig as a dropper. The wind was too strong to cast directly into it so I mostly cast across it but even so my casts didn't quite go where I wanted them too. First I fished some rip rap near the parking lot. It's hot now & then and always worth checking out. Tonight it was a blank. I then went to a shallow corner of the lake on the downwind side. Got blanked there too. I then went to a favorite spot near a sunken log that has part of a branch sticking out of the water making it easy to find. It's near some deeper water and usually reliable. After a few casts a bluegill struck and came to hand. My hands were getting really cold by then as I had forgotten to bring gloves but wanted to try one more spot so I packed up and went there. I cast a few times got nothing but then landed a cast that I had no idea where it went. I never did figure that out because a second bluegill hit. Sweet success! My hands were getting really cold then so I released the fish and headed back to the parking lot.
Tenkara does work under adversity.