What do 350 Woodland High School Juniors and 96 Veterans of American wars have in common?

Yesterday, Woodland High School celebrated our 4th Annual WHS Veterans Interview and Breakfast.

Virtually the entire Junior Class at Woodland High sat down to break bread with a Veteran of an American war. Following breakfast, groups of students interviewed a Veteran about his or her experiences and remembrances of when they put life on the line to prove that freedom is not free.

We started this project 4 years ago as a cross-curricular activity between an English teacher (Erica Chung) classes and my US Hisotry classes. Last year, we included all 11th graders at the school.

Veterans of virtually all American conflicts from WWII on were present. Veterans came from backrounds including WWII, Korea, Bay of Pigs preparation, Panama riots, Beirut, Vietnam, Bosnia, Grenada, Desert Stom/Shield, Iraq and Afghanistan, amont other Cold Warriors of various types.

Students will use the information learned to present a biographical PowerPoint about their Veteran, and a research paper about their Veteran's war.

Pictures at:

Newspaper article at: http://www.dailydemocrat.com/ci_17791671

To answer the question from the beginning?

Mutual respect, understanding, and friendship.