I would like to tie some bass bugs / poppers and I only have a small amount of decent quialty hackle feathers that are yellow and white. I would like to get some orange, dark green, Chart or blue to be able to tie some different color bugs. I did purchase some strung neck hackle but it was not the quiality I was looking for. If any of you tyers would like to trade some decent colored feathers, I have a lot of streamer flash, synthetic streamer hair material in grey and chart. I have a few extra packs of 60 deg. jig hooks or I could tie some striper flies, if thats what you are looking for.
With the Whiting capes costing 30$ or more it would add up quick to order a few capes in different colors just to tie a few poppers. Whatever is decided to trade I would send you the material and include a self addressed stamped envelope, so you just put the feathers in and send it back. No cost to you. I'm kinda taking a shot in the dark but just looking for a little help. Thanks