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    It's an easy wade, You don't need a wading staff. ( Tell that to my broken wrist )

    You can cross there its not too deep I did it last year, .

    You don't have to put Your lifejacket on as long as its in the boat with you.

    Lets tough it out, the rain is about to stop anyway.

    (This one's for Betty ) There's lots of trout in the Black Hills ( There really aren't any trout in the Black Hills )

    You don't really need to hike back and leave your parking permit in plain sight on the dashboard of the truck, they don't ever check that Here at Rocky ford creek. ( They do and they did, luckily I hiked back and left mine in plain sight on the dashboard ) Others didn't hahahahahahaha Others paid the price.

    Don't worry all of the rattlers are a ways back from the creek. ( not the ones Cary and I saw less than a foot from the shoreline )

    Its an easy walk in. ( nothing is an easy walk in except maybe the handicap wharf even there you can trip )

    Even you could catch a fish here. ( No I couldn't )

    Its safe to leave your vehicle here, nothing will happen to it.

    Have I forgot anything? Of course you have. However you need to be 40 miles from home before your subconscious will allow you to remember what it is. Whatever it turns out to be, it will be indispensable and require turning back.

    Don't worry, You can get your license up at the lake at the little store. ( Which will turn out to have closed up shop permanently last fall )

    If any sentance starts out with don't worry....... You should begin to worry.

    All the fish in here are pan sized you won't need a net.

    New waders never leak.

    You won't need the air pump or the leak kit because your pontoon is brand new and won't leak air.

    Don't worry I'll be there on time.

    You won't need a jacket.

    No need to hurry back to camp there will be plenty of peanut butter fudge to go round. ( 4th day and there was just one tiny crumb left... boo hoo )

    You can safely book your vacation now the ice will be off the lake by then. (NO IT WON'T)
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    For God's sake, Don't Quote me! I'm Probably making this crap up!

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