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Thread: MATCHING THE HATCH ? PLAN B - Readers Cast (John Scott) - March 28, 2011

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    Default MATCHING THE HATCH ? PLAN B - Readers Cast (John Scott) - March 28, 2011


    Plan A - Virtually every fly angler knows and uses Plan A for matching the hatch. Find rising fish, put on the best imitation you have for what is floating down the stream into the fishies? feeding lane, execute the perfect presentation, time your strike just right and bring the fishy to hand.

    Plan B ? Virtually no fly anglers that I?ve talked to are familiar with and use an alternative approach to fishing hatches that can be very effective.

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    I'm with you on the unweighted streamers. Most of the fish I attract with a streamer I find in shallow water, either at the banks, edges, or tails. When presenting the fly I try to move it the instant it touches the water so it takes on the shape of a minnow rather than a disjointed unbalanced glob of fur or feathers. Get's a lot of aggressive strikes after the first little strip but it's always fascinated me when a fish decides to follow, having not made up it's mind at first sight. They become sharks, right up there on top, following the fly showing me a wake so that I can gauge their reaction to every twitch I give the fly. It becomes cat and mouse. A game I love to play with a brown trout.

    You refer to a plan "b". I always thought of it as "try this when nothing else works". Rather than using the tactic as an alternative though I found I had some real fun and it was an exciting way to fish. I just made it a normal routine. Matching a hatch is a satisfying way to fish but sometimes it gets anti climatic after you get it figured out and use it day after day. There's other ways to skin the cat and you'll never know what you might come up with. It just might be the "largest trout you've ever had on" huh.

    Your readers cast brings up a great way for the fly fisher to think a little out of the box. I see a lot of them get into ruts.
    "As far down the river as he could see, the trout were rising, making circles on the surface of the water, as though it were starting to rain."- E.H., The Big Two Hearted River

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    You wrote a interesting "Reader's Cast" article!

    I use weighted tip attachments to go subsurface with my fly various wet fly (wet, nymph, streamers).

    I am preparing for the way too short fishing season in Minnesota.

    I do have one question for you, about a comment in your article, that has me baffled!

    What exactly, is a PSC Streamer? ~Parnelli
    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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    Steven -

    Follow the link for the FOTW write up on the PSC.


    The fish are always right.

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    This article is excellent! You have really kindled a desire to learn to streamer fish and to streamer fish EFFECTIVELY! What gets me even more excited to fish streamers is the excitement on your face as you described these experiences in person as the Outback trucked along I-90 headed toward the Creek!

    Now, excuse me. I need to find a full sinking line out there on some clearance rack!


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    Very nicely done John. Now if i can just remember that, amid all of the other things that clog my brain during my too few outings. I have tried it in the past with some good results but the excitement sometimes gets in the way. Maybe i'll print it and carry a copy with me....now where did i put my vest...........Hmmmm.

    Thank you.

    "Growin up leads to growin old and then to dyin. Dyin to me don't sound like all that much fun." J Mellencamp

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    Nice article and I agree, but what do you do when Plan B doesn't work. Just kidding!

  8. Default Plan B

    Mr. Scott,

    Great article !!!!!

    Tom Deschaine

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