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Thread: MIAMI VICE(LESS) FROG - Fly of the Week - March 28, 2011

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    Default MIAMI VICE(LESS) FROG - Fly of the Week - March 28, 2011


    This is a very simple pattern that I didn't bother to use a vice to make...the only drawback was the frog would eventually get pulled off the hook...at the time it didn't matter anyway because Mr Frog was getting the pounding of his life just the same...I used small hooks I found laying around and watched football and "pinched" together dozens of frogs.you will see what I mean if you follow along...now with a little effort (but not much) they are basically bulletproof and a little more fun to make...I can?t help myself when I see the legs pump in the water, so primal and simple but so brutally effective on the fish as well...ok, I will try to keep this simple and clean with lots of pictures that really tell the story best...dont be afraid, you cant go wrong here...

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    I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.
    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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    An interesting pattern. Like David I will have to try them. Thanks for sharing.


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    HA! This is great! I'm gonna have to "tie" up a few of these... the bass around here need to be bothered. I really enjoyed the "less than formal" instructions! Personality never hurt anything.
    The Green Hornet strikes again!!!

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    glad you like it...very tempted to go try them RIGHT NOW...its raining and muggy and could be good on the Everglades...my goal is to get a tarpon on the frog

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    What a nice, easy pattern to tie...even the first try came out looking like the one you photographed... I used Tiemco #6 wide gap hook. I had yellow foam and dark green and went with the dark green and after I was done I added a patch of yellow foam on the belly for added contrast. the wide gap hook still gave me enough clearance for a good hook set. A fun tie and one that I'm certain on the right days the smallies won't be able to resist. Again thanks

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