My bride Colleen's older brother Owen is dying. He, at 83, is slightly more than 18 years older than she & he has been in a nursing home with dementia & cancer for some time. That tough little Irishman has been in Hospice care since last June & has hung tough, but the battle is ending. Colleen & my youngest, Maggie, drove down to Loveland, OH today. Owen has now been put on morphine, received Last Rites today, & Colleen was intent on telling him it's ok to let go. I ask for prayers for his peaceful passing, surrounded by his Bride, Children, & Sister.
I just spoke with Colleen & found out our Great Nephew & Niece, Seamus Donahue & his Bride Sheila (Owen's Grandchildren) are expecting. As God takes one life, he gives another. What a Blessing!
God Bless them all.