I fish the flats and bluewater only. I discovered twisted mono leaders about 3 years ago when a guide friend of my from California sent me a couple he had made. It was love at first cast. After using his for a while I decided to try my hand at it. First, I use only 20# mono, usually Stren, Trilene or Berkley but the brand really does not make any difference. Stretch out 21 feet of mono and then double it to make your first right hand twist. When you finish wif the first section, you will have a twisted mono leader about 10 feet long with an approximate 35# stress/break rating. Tie off the tag ends using a surgeons loop. I now fold the line over itself to about mid point and start my second twist, a left hand twist with another surgeons loop at the finish point. The leader is now a 70# graduating down to a 35# leader. On the 35# end I tie a perfection loop and on the 70# end I use the loop that is in the line. Then I loop in my tippit or shock leader to the 35# end. I use the leaders for everything from Bonefish to Tarpon to Dorado and have never had a failure.