I do take a "kit" with me to out of state destinations. I don't have a 'grab and run kit', already to go - although I have enough junk to put one together. I usually end up arranging everything into a flat Tupperware container. Got a real nice wooden chest, made of bamboo, at Sams Club about a year or so ago that would make a great kit. Still running that idea around in my pointy head - no telling what the end result will be though. Usually I make lists for stuff like this so I don't forget things - like the vise. I need to make one for a fly tying kit. I have lists for deer hunting (archery and rifle), duck hunting, tree stand erecting, camping etc. etc. Yep - hooked on lists - don't leave home with out em'. Now if I can just find that list that tells me where I keep my lists, I'll be good to go!

Best regards, Dave S.