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Thread: Last Soldier of WWI, Dies!

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    Default Last Soldier of WWI, Dies!

    92 years, after the end of WWI (The Great War to End All Wars), Frank Buckles of Charlestown WV died at the age of 110. Mr. Buckle enlisted August 14th 1917, at the age of 16, lying about his age. During WWII, Mr. Buckles was a Civilian Prisoner-Of-War, when he was in the Philippines on a business trip, and survived 3 years in a Japanese POW Camp.

    More than 4.7 million people joined the U.S. military from 1917-18

    Burial Services for Frank Buckles will be at Arlington National Cemetery, by members of the 3rd Infantry Regiment Honor Guard (Old Guard)....

    The last known Canadian Soldier, John Babcock of Spokane WA, who also served in WWI died in February 2010.

    There are no French or German Veteran of WWI, still living.....

    Honor to all who served, Defending their Country, and Democracy .... "Parnelli"

    SFC Steven H. McGarthwaite
    U.S. Army, Retired, 1968-1995

    Special Note:

    In 1998 the U.S. Military awarded all U.S. Military Personnel who served between 1948 to 1990, "The Cold War Medal"!
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