We have a less than 3 year old H-P Desktop Home Computer. We bought it from BEST BUY. Last weekend the mouse gave up the ghost so I went to BEST BUY and bought an H-P wireless, electronic, comfort mouse. About 1/2 the time it works right. The rest of the time the cursor either doesn't move at all, or it takes off uncontrollably. So I called H-P today and had to talk with techs whose voices were definitely NOT North American. I'm guessing East Indian. Their dialect was so thick I couldn't hardly understand them. Even now, while I'm writing this, my cursor is going bananas. I bought the mouse last Saturday and H-P told me the warranty was expired because it's only good for 1 year. Again, I bought it 7 days ago from BEST BUY. They told me they would call me back in less than 2 hours with recourse and an updated warranty. They didn't call back after almost 3 hours so I called them back with the Ticket # they gave me. When I called them back, I was, after 5 minutes or more holding, connected with someone whose accent was even thicker than before. That person told me that after 24-48 hours someone would get back to me. How many times do I have to go to the manufacturer to get a product that works the way it should. H-P brags about their customer service, but this is ridiculous. Thanks for listening to this rant, but I'm really P-O'd and I want to shuv this mouse up BEST BUY's & H-P's caboose.