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    Has anyone watched any of the David Cammis videos on ?
    I've watched all the short videos clips from his website and Cammis is truly refreshing. An Englishman that is truly old school. I can picture Cammis in tweeds and a cane rod in the English countryside. Truly charming.

    Watch any of his short videos and pay attention to how he finishes a fly. Not just a hand finish that you would expect, but something totally different than anything just about everyone on this site has ever seen. The first video you'll say, "ok that was different", but after the second you'll just say "Why?"

    U.S. tyers will immediately notice the differences between UK tying terms and US tying terms. On this side of 'the pond' we use head cement on our flies. On their side of 'the pond' they "varnish" the fly heads (with head cement). They call it 'silk'(even if it's nylon) where we use 'thread' etc.
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