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Thread: ASSESSMENT TIME - Neil - February 21, 2011

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    Default Now all we have to do is wait for summer!

    Winter is the time to get all your fly fishing gear in order for the upcoming fishing season

    Clean your fly rods, reels and lines. Restock your fly boxes, inspect your waders, fishing net, and boots. For those who fly fish from watercraft such as tubes, time to check out the tubes for abrasions, and straps that might have threads that are frayed...

    Getting everything ready for the upcoming Fishing Season!

    In Minnesota where I live, I mostly fly fish locally around my home residence for the panfish and bass, on some of the 15, 453 lakes in our State. Other times I go fly fishing on some of our 9,000 miles of streams and rivers.

    I do not want to miss a second of the "Minnesota Fishing Season", because the time flies by so fast, and before you can blink your eyes, it is October, when the waters start to turn over in preparation of the coming winter.

    Our Minnesota State vehicle license plates logo states; "Land of 10,000 Lakes" (modest Minnesota). I believe the license plates should say, "Land of Two Seasons; Winter Coming, Winter Here, with a short interlude in between of Summer (which normally falls on a weekend, and it rains!) ~Parnelli
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