I case one hasn't noticed, saddle hackle have become a "fashion trend"...my local shop has been cleaned out by hair stylists...


Whiting will be disassembling their EuroHackle saddles and will be repackaging them in a new product line called the "Whiting Fashion Pack" ."Sixteen long feathers of a single color will be affixed on our branded board, very much like our Whiting 100 Packs, but not sized as to hook size. The suggested retail price will be $20.00.

In order to do this more fair allocation of our limited EuroHackle saddles we will have to cease selling full or half saddles as a product line. We are making an extra effort to keep our flagship Whiting dry fly saddles, and the new High and Dry saddles, in good stock to supply all the fly tier?s needs."

(From an Email sent to Whiting Farms customers)