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since you all worship Loomis then I guess you want to buy the rods then right?? after all 2 of them are brand new... I would love to DUMP them....I will use their super great warranty dept like you advised me to...this means I will soon have a 5wt GLX-6wt GLX 8wt GLX and 10wt CCpro 1pc rod for sale...I will sell them 1/2 price which is cheaper than anybody can buy them...you can use your website prices to see what they cost...if you really want them then buy them

I do admit my 5wt. GLX is one of my all time favorite rods, but I dont think I would "Worship" it.

I already have 3 of the four rods that you are looking to "dump", and I am really not interested in a 1 pc. 10wt.

When you say 1/2 price, is that off of the price that you payed with your "guide/pro form" discount? If so that will be some great deals.

Good luck, Tony