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Thread: ** SAGE XP 590-4 - For Your Reel-s, Great Fly Rod

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    Default ** SAGE XP 590-4 - For Your Reel-s, Great Fly Rod

    This is one of the best rods Sage has ever made... I'm Looking for a nice reel of equal value to go on a 3 or 4 weight rod. Must be a super nice, high quality reel with preferably a mid to large arbor, light in weight. I like stuff like LOOP, ROSS, Galvan, SAGE, Nautilus, ABEL, Lamson. I Might consider a couple older Made in USA Orvis Battenkill Large Arbors and stuff like that. Would like something with an extra spool.

    About the rod.. It is a 5 weight, Sage XP which many feel is one of the best rods that Sage has ever produced. It's great for almost everything but I like using a 3 or 4 weight as my go to rod so this rod is available. The rod has no cracks, no breaks and is ready to fish. I does have places where streamers have nicked the rod and scratched the finish but it in no way hurts the fishability and use of the rod. Just want to disclose all here! If you streamer fish it is going to happen anyhow.

    Rod comes with the original Sage metal tube and rod sock. This rod was in the $600 range when new so I'm looking for about the same in trade value. I mean used gear for used gear but equal value. Not looking to trade it for a reel I can buy used but mint for $175 - $225.

    Thanks and trade offers can be sent to my inbox here. I'm in the Tulsa, OK area so if somebody local has something to trade then hit me up so we can meet and make a deal. Might also trade for other fly fishing gear of equal value.

    Here is a great article I found on this rod. Feel free to read it:




    Cleaned the rod as it was dirty and took more pictures.

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