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    This is going to be the official thread for our 2011 bluegill festival. I'm planning on sending in our information tonight to publish. We'll add details as we think of them. You will be able to check out the link once it is published, and I'll provide that link here when it is available. (I haven't heard from anyone yet, so there is no info page for the Fish-In at this point.)

    Here is the official write up:

    For starters, the Fish-In will be on June 3-5 at the mined land wildlife area near West Mineral, KS. We have reserved both cabins, but they are full already. There will be a group rough camping as well, and you are welcome to camp there, or to find a spot in town. There is a group arriving Thursday night, so if you want a spot in a cabin for that night only, see Icemanxxxv for a spot.

    Primarily, our activities will be fishing, but we will have 2 group meals in the evenings at the cabins.
    On Friday, I will be shredding a pork roast with BBQ sauce, and having that on buns. Everyone is invited, and encouraged to bring a side/dessert along with your own drinks. There may be some brisket there as well.
    Saturday night is our main feast, and we will be frying up the bluegills from the weekend, along with fries and maybe some hushpuppies. Again, anything that you want to bring is welcome, but if you don't have anything, come see us anyway. There will be plenty of food if the last couple of years are any indication. Drinks are up to individuals.

    According to the latest KDWP publication that I have, this weekend will be free fishing weekend, so no licenses are required on Saturday or Sunday.
    Info can be found at this link. Go to the webpage, and then click on the "2011 Regulations Kansas Fishing Summary" link on the RH side of the center section. It will open up an Adobe file that will give a nice over view of Kansas fishing regulations. On page 10 at the bottom LH corner is the info on free fishing dates.

    If you have questions, or comments, post them here.

    Tentatively, here are the people that have shown interest so far (green names are not on FAOL):
    speak up if you need your name added to the list or taken off

    ol' blue
    quivera kid
    biot midge
    Jimmy D
    Betty Hiner
    Cary Hiner
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