In by email:

Hi Deanna,

My friend and I are researching rivers to fish and looking for some remote areas with large fish. So far we pretty much had it pinned to to either the Green River in eastern Utah, the Wind River Range (indian reservation stretch of water) and the Owyhee River, but then I found the North Umpqua. This river looks awesome and the scenery is amazing. My buddy and I have fly fished for about 7 years now but have never fished for steelhead. After reading about this river it sounds like an exciting challenge.

We are looking to do a 2 full days of guided float trips and then do another 3 days on our own. What are the real challenges with this river...casting techniques, matching a specific hatch, river access?

Is it possible to do a self guided rafting trip down this river or are the rapids very technical? We have never fished north or west of Colorado so trying to explore new areas. Our initial goal was to find a river that is not extremely crowded and that averages fish in the 14 to 17 in range-the above rivers seem to do so but whats the story with the North Umpqua?

I also noticed there are trails--is this a river that can be hiked/camped or an available llama pack in trip--is that an option?

Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the great info on your website it really helps with somewhat understand the lay of the land.


Alex Post