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Thread: Is this really necessary?

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    Default Is this really necessary?

    Just a thought. Is this board really necessary?

    The last post has been here since September 2010.

    Maybe these posts could be stickyed on another board?

    Personally, I'm tired of seeing it there every time I log on.

    As stated, just a thought.

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    I agree, it's like a little mini reminder that the world outside of our FAOL family is much different than the friendly helping attitudes that are so pervasive here. I support removing this forum.
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    I respectfully disagree. While I not sure of if anyone has retrieved what they lost because of this foum, I appreciate being reminded that I am the only one who does "stupid" things with my tackle. I still mourn the loss of the St. Croix spinning rod and Ambassador reel that I put on the top rack of the pick-up and then drove away, never to be seen again. It does me (some) good to know that I am not the only one whose mind was other things when I lost (destroyed) my tackle. My vote is to keep the forum\

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    I agree with keeping this forum also. As said, not sure if anything has ever been retrieved, but it is always possible. As I am also absent minded at times, and I would like to be able to post, just in case. And I have found fly boxes. So you never know.

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    I to am in agreement with MSD53X and Bluegill Budd, keep this forum. You never know when someone may post a lost item of some value, maybe not cash but sentimental value, and one of the readers may pass in his footsteps and find the item that is very dear to him. I've had this happen, not on this forum but on another. An item which was given to me by my father just prior to his death. I cherish it with all my heart and a very good Samaritan read my post and had already found the item. He then required identification of the item and it was returned. In return, he was awarded with food, wine and finances. Keep the forum.

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    sure doesn't hurt anything. keep it. the only time i look is when there's a new post. the rest of the time i don't see or pay attention to it.
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