I'm obsessed with hooks - there I said it! I used to tie all my streamers on Mustad 9575s, and in just two sizes (#6 & #4s). Now I have streamer hooks in many more sizes, and in at least 4 different models, just from Mustad. I also have Diiachi, Partridge, Tiemco, Gaelic, Eagle Claw, Shakespeare/Norris, Varivas, VMC and a couple of fly shop brands. I don't see any end to this either! LOL!!! Don't even get me started on drys, wets, nymphs, spey and salmon fly hooks! I'm probably forgetting some, but you should get the picture. I know, I need some serious intervention! I don't feel too bad though, because I know for a fact that there are lots of tyers way worst than me, although they may not admit it! Hooks, hooks, hooks - big hooks, little hooks and every hook in between, I will eventually have them all I tell ya, heh, heh, heh!!!

Best regards, Dave S. GOT HOOKS??