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    Sounds to me like they think they have you all by the short hairs, too bad greed got in the way. I sure would be tempted to tell them you are looking at another place - and the "other place" offered a real deal since the economy is so bad.

    Funny you should mention this, Deanna. There actually IS another place that would bend over backwards to accomodate us. Backflips, even. Just not this year. They're expanding their facility (building new cabins) every year, and by next year (2013 Fish-In), they'll probably have more than enough for us. We wouldn't all be under one roof, but they'd give us use of a pavillion with a professional indoor kitchen - fer nuthin'. They'd even do the cooking if we want, and we'd just pay per meal, restaurant style. I know this, because I investigated it for a PA forum that has their big gathering the week before the Fish-In. I stay there that week, then head over to the Fish-In the following week every year.

    I book my cabin for the following year before I leave. They won't give the cabin to anyone else unless I tell them I'm not coming back for that week the following year. A $20 deposit is all they ask. When I arrive, there's a note on the office door saying the key is on the table, if they're not there to greet me. I don't pay until I check out. Now THAT'S how business should be done!

    Betcha Happy Acres wouldn't be so happy if they lost about four grand worth of business! They'd have to repaint their signs to this....
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