I know it's on some of the people's mind. I got the contract already and have informed a few already of sending in the money to me. As always, we take the folks that have been at the last Fish-In first and fill in the empty beds after that.
If you got an email from me about sending in your money for me to hold your spot, then your good, as long as you sent in your money.....Don't wait around because I know of a few people that want those beds.
If you didn't hear from me and you were at last years Fish-In and stayed at the lodge, get in touch with me and get ready to write out a check. Contact me here or at my email address--Bigdadyrods@comcast.net
Also, you should be making your plans for the apartments/campers at Happy Acres if your staying at the campgrounds. We will be --or I will be starting a list for people who want a meal plan for the week at the lodge.

If everyone remembers the dates that were chosen last year---May 22-27 2011. We move in on Sunday and leave on Friday. This way, we can go home and enjoy the Memorial Day festivities with the family.....and catch up on the sleep.

Consider this the opening thread to the PA Fish In of 2011.
Let's hear it --who's coming???