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Thread: NEW FLY DAY - Panfish - January 24, 2011

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    Default NEW FLY DAY - Panfish - January 24, 2011


    It has stayed dry and I can take the canoe into one of my favorite ponds. I have not been there for a long time. This is one of the most fertile ponds I fish. It has incredible numbers of fish in it. I have had a scuba diver go down in this pond looking for something that was lost. He was amazed by the number of fish that he saw.

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    Thanks Rick for the article. I found the part of your results with Zac's purple fly quite interesting. I would like to see either you or Zac present that fly to fellow FAOL'ers via the fly of the week.


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    Same here. Can we see the fly?
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    Not a problem, Rick! I got the basic pattern for that fly from steveks. I had a lot of success with it during crappie spawn this past spring, and it always caught gills when I tied it on this summer. I sent Steve a message, and one of us will write up the instructions for a FOTW. It's SUPER easy! I'll post a pic later.
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    Here's a pic I already had of a chartreuse one:

    The purple one Rick mentioned was all purple with silver eyes.
    Mustad 3366, size 8
    Bead chain eyes
    Pinch of rabbit fur for the tail
    Chenille body

    Make sure and tie the eyes far enough back from the hook eye so you can figure-8 the chenille around the bead chain. Don't put too much rabbit in for the tail, as rabbit keeps its volume pretty well in the water, and the action of the fly is compromised a bit in my opinion. Once you get the hang of it, they're super simple to whip up.
    The Green Hornet strikes again!!!

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