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    Well, I worried about the weather for our PHW outing on the Duck River here in Tennessee, but, the Creator smiled on us for both days and it was a huge success! Yesterday, Friday, everyone caught fish and smiles were everywhere! Today, a front put the fish off, but, everyone still had a great time! A big thanks goes to Arrowhead Ranch for allowing us to use their facilties and river access for this. Here are just a few pictures I took:

    The reason for the cause:

    Our youngest guest:

    We had a fly fisher with each vet:

    Everyone caught fish:

    This gentleman never fly fished before and caught 4 trout. At lunch, he told me he was putting me in his will!!

    We had an evening meal by the river:

    We had social time:

    This gentleman I met while working with the vets at the Vets Hospital and we have become close due to him living close to where I do and we have fished together on several occasions in farm ponds. Unfortunately, he received some very bad news last week about cancer and it has hit me hard. He was able to attend today and I worked hard to put him on fish and thanks to God, he caught 11 trout! His family called his cell phone several times to check on him and he told them, "I am standing in the middle of the Duck River catching trout and having a great time. Now leave me alone!" : )

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