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    Default Furled Leader Swap

    This Swap is Closed

    OK boys and girls, let's have a swap!

    I think to start, we will do a 5 foot furled leader designed to fish dry flies. Your choice of materials. Just use what you normally do to make your dry fly leaders.

    Normal swap rules will apply, if you are not sure what they are, check here...

    I will leave registration open until January 21 or until we get 10 swappers. Deadline to have your leaders to me will be Friday, February 18. If you cannot abide by the dates posted, please do not sign up. Any leaders received beyond February 18th will be returned.

    Don't forget to label your leaders with your name, materials used, and your board settings and number of threads used in each step.

    Now, let's do some twisting!


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