Ok, here goes, the first of my dumb questions for this new board. I don't like strike indicators, they make casting harder for me, and as my user name suggests, I don't need to make casting harder

So do any of you think the color of the thread matters for making the leaders? I'm thinking a brightly colored leader could make the difference, however I'm wondering if it'll spook fish. I know the fly line is brightly colored, or at least mine is, but after it floats by there is at least 10-12ft of leader and tippet going by before the fish sees the fly. At least that's what I usually fish with. So after brightly colored fly line, and a 6ft of brightly colored leader go by, there is only a few ft of tippet to go by before the fly.

So do you think the fish will care? I know alot of people use flourocarbon for leaders, especially for nymphing, but alot of the streams here aren't very deep and I'm thinking thread will be plenty good enough.

thanks in advance,

PS This is only the first question, I got more. Muhahahaha