This past Saturday was the annual trout derby here in McKinney. There were so many children out there getting to fish, many I am sure for the first time as some of the parents surely had not fished before

Seeing them enjoying fishing was a grand thing indeed.

But the very best was not until the following morning. I drove by the lake just to reconnoiter, see if the banks were clear enough to let me cast. Sure enough they were but instead of me fishing this is what happened. I saw a young fellow with a fly rod working the water. I approached and greeted him hoping to strike up a conversation with a fellow fly angler. Turns out he had just bought his rig at Academy the day before and had never used it! I took him up as an ad hoc pupil and by the time I left he was pulling a fish in on every other cast. Pretty neat! I felt so good that I did not bother to fish myself.

Drove off feeling a little bit like the old Lone Ranger must have at the end of each episode "my work here is done and I must go"

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