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Thread: FLY FISHING CUBA - Our man in Canada - January 10, 2011

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    Default FLY FISHING CUBA - Our man in Canada - January 10, 2011


    Note: I will mention various products and brand names. This is not a product endorsement. I simply use specifics so you can know exactly which equipment I use.

    Back in January 2010, I had changed jobs and I knew that my 2010 salmon fishing would be less active. At the same time, friends got back from a fly fishing trip to Cuba. They turned around and started organizing groups for December.

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    Cool article; I imagine the cost of the trip was fairly reasonable, considering Cuba's economy. No mention of cigars????

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    Actually the cost was pretty good. We were off season, as the biggest Tarpon are there in the Spring. The outfitter provides everything from 2 nights in Havana, ground transport, skiffs, all the meals (except 2 suppers in Havana). The set price includes 30 drinks on the Tortuga, guides, meals, skiffs, lodging etc.

    I suppose it sounds expensive, but depending on the season, group size etc, a Christmas trip costs between 3-3500 usd. Add airfare to Havana, tips etc and it is a pretty good price for 5 star treatment and quality of fishing. Here in Northen Quebec, a run on a fly-in salmon camp can cost 3x that!

    I used this outfit because I wasn't sure I'd really like flats fishing (ha!). I wanted to be absolutely certain tha I would get into Bonz ... and I did!

    Would I go back to the same outfit, ... I am already planning a future trip! Would I recommend them to friends, probably, ... I would have to make sure I understand what they are looking for. The Tortuga experience is a bit "intensive". If a non-fishing friend/spouse comes along, they may find it isolated (there is snorkeling, diving etc). As with any outfitter, you must really consider what you are looking for, communicate a lot and do a bit of soul searching to make sure everyone comes out ahead.

    Tight Lines!
    Christopher Chin

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