I've seen fishing of all types in my area of Southwestern New Hampshire tapering off for the last twenty years. Other outdoor activities have also been hit and, as everywhere, there seems to be less and less public access to our natural resources with each passing day.

That said, I plan on joining my local Fish & Game Club this year, now that my finances show signs of recovery. Thirty years ago when my father belonged to it, there were many people there that fly fished and gathered together for related activities. Sadly, many of the folks that kept these things going have passed away since then, leaving the club pretty much solely about the "Game" side of things.

Besides having access to a very nice shooting range and meeting and making new friends, I hope to raise the interest of any fly fishers there to getting together regularly for trips, tie and lie sessions and seeing if there's enough energy to help bring our sport to the community.

At the very least, this will help me find the fly fishers in my area.