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Thread: SOMETHING FOR NOTHING - Ladyfisher - January 3, 2011

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    Default SOMETHING FOR NOTHING - Ladyfisher - January 3, 2011


    There are certainly exceptions to every rule; Fly Anglers OnLine (FAOL) is free.

    You are welcome to share information you find here, to print out fly patterns, the instructions from various Fly Tying series and have them for your own use ? or for your club?s newsletter (provided you give us proper credit) and you may also use them for a fly tying or rod building class. However;

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    Right on the money as always De. I took a course on building a website a few years ago and quickly learned that building and or maintaining a site is not what I want to do. There is a good reason that these things cost (well earned) money.

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    Well said, though I'm wondering: Will it ever be possible to download FAOL to our ereaders?

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    Ladyfisher.. I feel your pain. I think anyone who has written for any amount of time has seen one of their articles, plainly or thinly, disguised show up in another publication. I have one that was originally published in 2000 that shows up every couple years in my "inbox". The "author" is long since gone - the "origin" is changed regularly but at least I have never seen anyone "taking credit" for writing it. Like Rodney - I get no respect. Even my dad sent it to me once. I will say in 30 years of writing it is easily my most "read" work.
    "Flyfishing is not a religion. You can make up your own rules as you go.".. Jim Hatch.. 2/27/'06

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    I had no idea anyone here would do that. It boggles the mind.

    I am a full-time free-lance writer myself, and I know how bad that feels. Often times, I am forced to ghost write for people to pay bills. They get the credit for the article, or book, as well as the copyright, but at least I get payed for the privilege.

    I have to confess, I used to copy the fly of the week patterns to my computer, and on a disc, but that was only for my own use. I actually just wanted to preserve them in case the website disappeared (like they often do). But since no one has posted a pattern to the archive since 2009, I guess they are gone. I should've kept up better. I still have all of them up to 2009. That way, if I ever lose my internet, I can still tie the patterns.

    FAOL is my home in the cloud. Y'all do a great job.

    Semper Fi.

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    Gigmaster, the flies are not gone *S* Ron Tidd has not kept up the original archives true, but they can be found. Click on the current Fly of the Week, scroll down to the bottom you will find a link to this: http://www.flyanglersonline.com/fotw/index.php
    AND Steven Mcgarthwaite has everything on disk if you would like a copy from him.

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