Ice jig? I use those for bluegill and crappie all year long.

I've only been ice-fishing once.

I used to drink a little when I was younger, and once, when I was playing a gig in Bemidgi (?), Minnesota, some guys talked me into going ice fishing when I left the bar. I was a little hammered, but they loaned me the correct gear (rod, line, lures and ice-auger to make a hole in the ice with). It was around 3:00AM, and very dark. I found a suitable place on the ice and began to dig the hole, when a loud voice from the darkness startled me. " THERE ARE NO FISH HERE...."
I looked all around and didn't see anyone, so I just assumed it was my imagination, and I started digging again. The voice returned, from all directions, like over a loud PA system," I SAID THERE ARE NO FISH HERE..." Now I was really scared. In a small voice, I asked " Are you God? Are you trying to warn me of danger?.." The voice answered," NO. I AM THE OWNER OF THIS HOCKEY RINK, AND I AM IN THE CONTROL BOOTH...."

Seriously, the only time I went Ice-Fishing, all I caught was 100 pounds of ice cubes. My sister tried to fry them and almost drowned us.