For the most part, anything I tie for open-water fly-fishing I can call a "fly"...even if its a frog pattern. That's already pushing the limit much to far for some, of course. But for Ice-fishing, for some reason it bothers me to call it a fly, because I'm not fly-fishing with it. I could in warmer weather, I suppose, but I'm not. I'm simply vertically jigging these below the ice with a 28" ice-fishing rod. So, it seems appropriate to me to term these ice-fishing "lures", rather than "flies".

To each their own on the whole nomenclature issue. I know a number of other folks here that live in the northern part of the US and Canada ice-fish, so I wanted to share these. I hope nobody minds stretching the limit of this fly-tying forum to such extreme limits?

I tied up some of these "lures" for ice-fishing. I haven't tried them all yet. The ones with the rubber bodies, I HAVE tried, and they worked EXTREMELY well for bluegills and crappies and bass. So well, in fact, that I didn't even tip them with the customary waxworm or maggot. It seems the fish like chewing on that soft stretchy rubber so much that they hold onto it longer, and start swimming off with it, making strike detection easier.
The bottom two have slim strips of Chamois for the tail. I think the movement and texture will make these good ice-fishing lures, too....but the fish will have the final say.