Secret spots?

Do you tell other people where you fish?

Last month I did a little story for our local fishing paper about a stream here in Kaneohe that I flyfish. Talked about the tiny 4 to 5 inch tropical fish that I catch there.

Today I visited the stream and found 6 people... They were using shrimp for bait and had two 5 gallon buckets loaded with a variety of fish. They had driven from the other side of the island... this was not their first trip since reading the story. They had moved to the stretch of water I was fishing because the bridge a 1/2 mile up stream was already "fished out". This is the 3rd group of people I've met on the stream that were there because of the HFN story. Everyone catching... and keeping. (Catch and release is not practiced by very many people in Hawaii. It's an Asian thing)

When doing TV fishing shows I always tried to make the point that it isn't the location that you fish, its the technique. Try using the technique we've shown today where you fish. You don't have to fish where we fished.
One time, we showed a beach park where we were fishing. The next weekend you couldn't find a parking space at that park within a 1/4 mile.

Hawaii fishermen would invite us and our TV cameras to their "secret spots" only if we promised to not show anyone where it was. I don't blame them.

After eating shrimp, the fish ignored my flys. So I moved 100 yards away from the easy access and began catching. (I'm glad a 5 gallon bucket full of fish is not easy to carry)

So the question is... should we share with other anglers where to fish, or keep our "secret spots" a well guarded secret?