I think I was the only boat on the water that wasn't in the HFFA tournament... At the noon weigh in, there were some 2# Plus largemouth weighed. A lot more under one pounders. I don't remember seeing any tukes.
I wanted to test out a new fly line I made for my Tenkara rod. Also experiment with different leader lengths on different rods.
I caught 2 largemouth. (under a pound size) but 7 peacock bass. (also, all under a pound) More action on the silver than on the gold.
I saw some very nice peacock bass. They seemed to be spawning on top of logs. There would be 5 or 6 hanging around. Lock Jaw. They ignored all my flys. Even turned up their nose at my live bait. Probably good, there is no way I could have landed a 4 or 5 pound peacock bass on my light Tenkara Rod with the 4# test leader.
Didn't see any Red Devils. The water temperature was about 76 degrees. Pretty cold for all those tropical fish. Nice sunny day with a few passing sprinkles... and light wind.
Just grooving..... on a Sunday afternoon. LOL