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    Default What are you tying now.

    Hi All,

    There is a post on the main board about what are folks tying this winter.

    This is similar. What are you tying now, and what are you planning to tie before spring? Any new flies that you are itching to tie and try?

    For me I am currently tying gray Wulffs. They are for a close friends son, who is about the same as a nephew to my wife and myself. My friend is getting a fly rod for his son, and we are tying a set of flies for him for next spring. The friend is tying the nymphs and I am tying a set of dries. I have finished the caddis flies, have started on Wulffs, and will be working on stonefly dries later.

    Also will be tying some bluegill dries for him.

    For my own fly fishing I will be tying primarily bluegill flies. No-hackle woolly buggers, some San Jaun worms (a friends brother in law has done well with them on gills), some small poppers, some replacement foam bluegill spiders, marabou damsel fly nymphs, and flies to fill holes in my boxes.


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