Hey fella's seems I have more questions than advice but I'm learning or at least I think I'm learning something. I have goten my little brother into flyfishing and have created a monster! it's awesome as we have spent more time the last year than most of our lives out doing something both of really enjoy and that is casting flies. He lives in Eufaula, Ok and I in Okc, Ok which I'm in Eufaula most every weekend and we fish the lower Illinois River but have since been looking for something different. We came thru Branson on our way back from the turkey day festivities and got to looking at the area and thought it might be a nice weekend trip but they have been generating pretty heavy from what we hear, stopped in at McLellan's flyshop in Fayetteville, Ar bad move on my part as I left $400 in the shop but it was a good thing

Long story short where would you fella's in that area suggest to go to try and get some of those Browns? we wade so with the release schedule there in Branson I'm kinda ruling that out and I'm not real familiar with the areas in that part of the world. Any recommendations would be awesome! in advance thanks fella's, Later,