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Well, i apologise to any that i've offended or that miscontrued my intent. My intent was to bring attention to the fact that by 1237PM EST, no one here had made mention of this date in 1941. I went to bed last night not having seen or heard any mention of same, woke up and watched the news....still no word. Finally this evening, a slight mention.

Thanks to those that took exception to my method as well as those that spoke on my behalf, bringing even more attention to this day. That said, my post accomplished what i wanted it to without actually coming out and saying something stupid like...'don't forget that today in 1941 the (PIC name) bombed Pearl Harbor'. We already know that. I've been to the memorial at Pearl. If you haven't, i hope you go there someday.
Honestly I saw your post and did not respond to it because I felt it to be insulting. Like bobbyg I too am very sensitive to making light of such things. It is one thing you will never hear or see me do no matter what the reason but to each his own. I did put this post in "Sound Off":


All of that is okay but if you really do care about memorializing December 7, 1941 then you should not think it stupid for people to remind others of the significance of the day. It is obvious by other responses to this thread that some of us have indeed run across people who, for whatever reason, don't know that on December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.