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Thread: Is it worth buying? how do you know?

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    I am far from an expert but do agree that more photo's are in order to get a good feel for the rod. But looking at it, it appears that there are intermediate wraps which were used on the higher end rods. Personally for $65.00 I would but it. Although some say that H-I were low end rods and compared to Orvis, Youngs and Grangers they still were able to throw a fly. I have an unmarked 8ft the I fished all over the west this past summer and it worked get. I refinished the rod with varnish, new guides and tiptop. I think I have less then $30.00 in the rod not including the $75.00 for the rod. I also have another unmarked 9ft that will throw a streamer a country mile. I took it to a BOO fest and it turns out that it is a double built SB. not bad for $110.00. If you are looking for a $500.00 rod for $65.00 don't bother with it.
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