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Thread: "Fishing The Film", A New Gary Borger Book

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    Default "Fishing The Film", A New Gary Borger Book

    I hope you won't consider this spam, but I am really excited about this book. If the administrators want to pull this post, please do so.

    I had dinner with Gary and Nancy last night and received a copy of Gary's latest book, Fishing The Film. I've said in the past that one of the best books on fly fishing was Gary's Presentation, which has been out of print for years. Copies are available at premium prices.

    There is currently a Limited Edition on Ebay for $2000.00

    I have something a lot cheaper and in more detail; that is the first volume of Gary's 20 volume set on fly fishing. The first volume is on fishing the film, that transitional few mms when an emerger becomes a dry fly. I was a copy reader for the the manuscript and didn't have the photos and illustrations that are in the final copy.

    I believe this book is the single best book on the subject. It will be a book you will not only read but study. It is that good. Expect a review in Fly Fish America and Midcurrent Magazine. Look for the book in the stores soon.

    It is a hard cover that retails for $24.95. It should be in every serious fly fisher's library. Don't just put it on the shelf, but read and study it, and use the techniques that Gary describes. It will make you a better fly fisher.

    Here's a photo of my copy.

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