My son is due to graduate from college in the spring and I was looking to plan a long distance pontooning trip/expedition as a graduation present for him that he and I would do together next summer. I'm looking for any recommendations on where we could go to do a four day fishing / three night (give or take a day) camping float. We have fairly limited pontooning experience with only about a dozen days floating the Bighorn, the longest trip being a 21 mile day in June when the flow was at 10,000 CFS, so I would like to try to keep it to class II rapids at the most. With our limited experience though we have had to deal with both a punctured tube and a broken oar lock all on a 13 mile float on the first day of our trip this past June.

I was thinking we could average 20 - 35 miles per day depending on the current and fishing and was hoping someone here would have some recommendations on where we could do something like this. I see the camping part I see as the most problematic with the varying trespass laws, then there is the logistics of how to get back to the car or get the car spotted to our destinations.

Any suggestions you could offer in terms of where to go or websites to check for information would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance for your help!