Hi group.

I saw the television show Myth Busters the other day.
They were measuring the burst strength of a shark and the average pulling strength.

Their conclusion was that the burst pulling strength was the same as their weight and the average pulling strength was 30% of their weight.
If we could make the same assumption for trout, we could say that a 10 pound trout would be able to pull with a 10 pound strenth for a short while and the average strength of 3 pounds.

I have often wondered about which pound strength to choose for my leader, for some reason or other I would choose 10 pound leader if I thought it would be possible to get a 10 pound fish.
At the same time I have wondered if that was right...
And at the same time I have to say that catching too big fish for my leader has not been a big problem

Do you think we can use the same assumption for trout and shark?
How do you choose leader strengt?