When I returned from Colorado this fall, I posted a report on my 'adapted' Tenkara style fishing with an inexpensive crappie pole.

It worked, but it's obviously not ideal. The rod was too heavy and didn't have the delicacy of a true Tenkara rod. Perhaps the whole panfish pole idea is a bust, but there must be some other options out there....

I browsed the All Fishing site posted under the 'Tenkara on a Shoestring' thread. Better options there, but still pricey.

Anyone know of any other 'brands' of this type of rod available?

Also, on the All Fishing site, they list some other types of poles...the 18 footers look promising, but they aren't in their 'Tenkara' section....will they work or are they too heavy of an action? For my use, I think a longer rod would be better....

What other 'options' are out there for those of us who see Tenkara as something intrigueing and maybe worth trying but not something worth expending a lot of cash on, at least until we see if it works for our fishing?