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Thread: ORANGE HEXEGENIA PATAGONICA - Fly of the week - November 29, 2010

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    Default ORANGE HEXEGENIA PATAGONICA - Fly of the week - November 29, 2010


    In Patagonia Argentina, where I fish, there's a big nice mayfly, a Hexagenia genus, which produces hatches during spring and summer. (September to March in Southern Hemisphere)

    It lives mostly in big glacial euthropic lakes as Nahuel Huapi, Traful, etc. Without doubts is a relative to the Hexagenia limbata, which is very well known in US.

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    Default It's Deja Vu All Over Again!

    Yogi Berra was correct about this Deja Vu stuff.

    The current "Fly Of The Week" article is a different variation of the same fly pattern with the same photo, with a different spelling of the fly patterns name, by the same person.

    The "Fly Of The Week" (May 3rd, 2010) is named "Orange Hexagenia Patogonica"!
    The "Fly Of The Week" (November 28th, 2010) is named "Orange Hexegenia Patagonica"!

    The May 3rd article has dialog include for each step-by-step of the fly tying process.

    The November 28th article has no dialog for each of the step-by-step of the fly tying process.

    Either one works for me, I only discovered this as I have all the "Fly Of The Week" articles on my computer, as I save all articles that run on FAOL in PDF, for those members of FAOL that would like a copy of an article that is clean for printout for their own use. I also offer a free CD of all FAOL Fly Tying Articles to any member who wants one or a replacement updated version.

    ~Parnelli/Parnelle (no matter how I spell/spelle it)
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  3. Default Orange Hexegenia

    A very beautiful patter --- I might just try some in Michigan....

    Tom Deschaine

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